when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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Or better said, do as the Romanians do 🙂 [as there are a lot of us there – almost 1 million, as I heard]. Due to our Roman roots, the wonderful Italian language [similar to Romanian] & the nice Romanians I met there, I felt almost like home.

I spent in the eternal city 5 days [between 2nd-7th of May], days filled with joy, anger, frustrations, history, Christianity, amazement, shopping, happiness, lots of pizza & lasagna & tagliatelle, art, excitement, magnificent scenery, friends, Italian wine, beauty and adrenaline.

I followed the steps of the ancient Romans, trying to imagine how Rome looked some hundreds of years ago [the help of the guides was highly appreciated]. I visited the places where Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Nero, Romulus & Remus, Marcus Aurelius, Botticelli, Traian, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Caligula, Augustus, Bernini, the Pope, Seneca and many other historical figures were born, lived, worked, fought, loved, created art and died, leaving a legacy for the humanity. Places that now are full of tourists from all over the world that try to take a piece of Rome back home, by taking lots of pictures [I tried my best to do the same]. The most impressive thing was the Cupola of the Basilica di San Pietro where I had a breath-taking view of Rome and Vatican. I felt like being on top of the world!!!

I also paid a tribute to the famous Italian shops, as I spent some time shopping on Via del Corso [the main shopping street in Rome] and Termini, visiting the expensive Prada, Armani, Hermes, Dior’s street and the Collona Galleries. It was fun!

I promised to myself to go back someday with a special person, close to my heart and fully enjoy what this city has to offer. That’s also the suggestion I give you: go and discover Rome with your loved one!!! Discover your Rome.


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  1. Hi, nice blog. Man of Roma

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